We are your team for the perfect appearance! With a proud 15 years of professional experience in the automotive business, we know the industry inside out. But that's not all - we also have a whopping 10 years of social media marketing experience under our belts. In total, we have successfully completed over 100 marketing projects and set several milestones in the process.

What makes us special? Our love of trade fairs and events! Not only have we organized many of them, we've also planned some really great ones.

And now to us personally: we have Marco ten Hagen, the trained master automotive technician, who scores points not only with his specialist knowledge but also with his experience. And then there is Christian Cloppenburg, who is not only a master automotive technician, but has also proven his expertise as a former project manager for high-voltage connectors in Asia.

In short, we're here to give your project the kick it deserves. Let's get started together!

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